airis kira n8000 android logo only

AIRIS KIRA N800 Android Logo Only or Hang, done here step by step below.
Tools: PC run on any windows system but i guaranteed on windows xp, SD card,  also a card reader, winimage, of course firmware of airis kira n8000. so
Problem: Androin logo only

Steps 1: Download WinImage
Steps 2: Download Firmware on support - here
             note: download files you shown image below

Now you have the all files that you needed, first install the WinImage, after that run the software, follow my pictures below, and how it goes softly.

Now the final Installation to your Netbook, Insert SD card on airis kira, then turn soon text on screen Booting from SD,don't touch anything just wait until finish and follow.

Success Product

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